busy fall

too many things coming up, all at once…

I have been accepted to the Denver Handmade Alliance’s Art By Craft Exhibition. This will hang at RedLine Art space, in Denver, November 9 – December 1.  I will hang the “Breeze” installation that was up last October at the Dairy Center for the Arts, in Boulder. So if you missed it then, you have another chance! My vision for this piece is that it will be hung each year in a different space, taking on a modified shape each time.

To see other events and workshops coming up this fall, check out the events page.

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been there, done that, now back to work!

My residency in Venice was awesome!!! So happy to have gone to a far away place and had this wonderful, unparalleled experience. Read all about it and see pictures here.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end… sigh… so now I am back home and have a pile of work waiting for me to catch up on. Stay tuned for upcoming fall/winter events.


up next ~~~ artist’s residency in Venice, Italy!

In mid-July I will travel to Venice, Italy for a three-week artist’s residency at the the Venice Printmaking Studio, located on the island of Murano.  My goal for this residency project is to create a body of work that will visually reflect and respond to my experiences as I explore this famous region. The title of this project, Ancient and Beautiful will focus on reflections of decorative elements found amongst the historic architecture. These will be large-scale mixed process prints, combining woodcut, screenprint, and acrylic wash effects. I will then exhibit the prints at the conclusion of my residency period in their facilities, as well as other venues to be determined upon my return home in mid-August.

I feel very fortunate to have been chosen for this opportunity, but it is going to be expensive… I have just launched a Kickstarter project website to help me achieve the financial backing necessary for this trip. I have set my goal for $500, which is actually only a small portion of my expenses – travel, residency fees, art materials, food, etc.

CLICK HERE to see the website and make your pledge today. Every pledge comes with a tangible reward, so you literally get something for giving, and we all win – hooray!

The way Kickstarter works is simple: I have set a $500 goal. If I reach it, and beyond, I get all of the donations, and you get one or more prints! If I fail to reach my goal I get zero, zinch, squat, nada. SO, please consider making a contribution today, even if it is small, because every little amount helps to add up! click here!

I thank you in advance for your support. ;o)

Below is an example of a project I completed this spring. I intend to use this experience as a springboard/idea for the prints I will make during my residency in Venice, Italy in July/August.

tools and carved woodblock

woodblocks that have been printed, stained with ink

blocks were then printed onto fabric and attached to make this banner.

each panel is 11″ x 11″, 7 panels total in series.

catching up…

I have been busy focusing on Jen G Studios products Click here to see what’s up in the studio!

Also, I  have participated in two exchange portfolios – One with Melanie Yazzie’s screenprint class at CU Boulder, and one with my Print 1 class at Arapahoe Community College.

Dandy Dane

9″ x 6″ screenprint

Portfolio theme: Cultures

Beatrix Potter Mix-up: Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail

15″ x 11″ screenprint and woodblock

Portfolio theme: early 1900’s children’s books


finally, finished the painful shoulder print! what should have taken two weeks took two months (largely due to the issue i was taking issue with). not the best photo, little on the red side, but a beautiful print all the same.

8 color 3 plate reductive woodcut print on kitakata. 10″x20″. email for $.